Our Pastures beef tastes great because our cattle live on the open prairie eating native grasses. Cattle have evolved to graze on grasses and natural forages and they thrive in this environment. Our cattle spend their entire lives grazing in open pastures and are never confined in feedlots or fed grain. They are not given growth hormones or low-level antibiotics. We never use pesticides on our land or cattle.

Our cattle graze the open plains as they have for centuries. The wide variety of grasses and animals that live on the plains are part of a great ecosystem, and our cattle live in harmony with all the other diverse species in that ecosystem. One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned is that everything in Nature has a purpose… the ant, prairie dog, the coyote, the porcupine… This lesson governs every aspect of our business. We believe that cattle that eat diverse native grasses and freely roam the pastures produce the most flavorful beef available.

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